Vincent Buongiovanni – East Meadow, New York

Vinny Buongiovanni from East Meadow has been cheating on and lying to his long term girlfriend for years now. He’s been caught texting and meeting women he meets on dating apps (bumble, pof, He claims to be spending time with his kids but has been caught out with random women. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have an STD by now. He promises you the world but delivers nothing. Brags about making good money but is the cheapest loser you’ll ever meet. oh, and he lives with his mommy and daddy.

One thought on “Vincent Buongiovanni – East Meadow, New York

  1. If you are with Vinny Buongiovanni and are having any self doubts, wondering if it is you overthinking or he is telling you “meatball, stop the nonsense” or “all you women are nuts”, do yourself a favor and trust yourself and walk, actually run away as fast as you can. Or hire an investigator who will without a doubt confirm all your suspicions. Or park outside his Mineola address where brings his women to for sexual encounters. Or ask his ex wife why she left him. All your suspicions are true. He is cheating on you. He is and always will no matter how much he denies it, no matter how many gifts he brings, no matter even if he tells you he loves you. He is a habitual cheater addicted to multiple dating sites craving attention from woman all and everywhere. He is not “so busy” working. He is “so busy” managing and juggling his schedule to meet, see and have sex with multiple woman at once. He is a professional womanizer. He knows the psyche of women because he is a serial dater, he knows the right thing to say, the right thing to do, he will fool you with his clean cut appearance, his quiet reserved manner. He lies by omission of truth. Note the red flags, won’t go to certain places, disappears but uses his children as the excuse, texts you last minute to meet up because another date fell through, etc. Vinny frames himself up to be whoever you want him to be in order to make you like and admire him. He wants his ego stroked amongst other things…. Trust your gut. Everything you suspect is true. Don’t allow him to drain you anymore.

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