Mikako Saita — Honolulu, Hawaii

Lays down with anybody, go figure she is a sagittarius that gives no fuks. 4’9 , her phony inserts are dependent upon her neck 🤮wanna be display like whatever is left of Hawaii. Her cvnt smells like an old snapper angle. Furthermore, will do anything for xanax. Shes one of those young ladies that will take your beau to demonstrate a point to her self that shes and supreme maggot that will soak up of you.her yeast and release is green and yellow.

2 thoughts on “Mikako Saita — Honolulu, Hawaii

  1. Someone was sniffing Mikako’s hole and thought it smelled like an old fish wrapped around a xanax. He din’t say roses and I’ve never heard of a lei that smelled like an pld fish. It’s a good thing she wasn’t cheating on him, he might have been really mean to her and her coochie.

  2. A-blow-ha !
    Mikako loves that word when she’s trying to offer up a trade for some xanies or other pills. She thinks about words to use that will get her a quick trade. Fuck and suck work pretty well and threesome.

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