Martin Horan aka Vikram Parmar

He works with Repze, Remove Reports, 247Removals and Netreputation.
Where to start with Vikram Parmar or as he is also known Martin Horan. We are still piecing together all the emails and information we have been sent. Vikram Parmar is no stranger to criminal activity nor fraud, in 2014 he was arrested by the CBI. You can read about the arrest here and here. We have been in contact with both newspapers updating them about Vikram’s most recent criminal activity. We have also contacted the local Ahmedabad CBI office and forwarded all the information we have collected to date. This includes his wire and banking information in India and the names and companies he has had money transferred to. If you have sent Vikram money please contact us with the names or entities so we can forward them to the CBI.

Central Bureau of Investigation arrested two men – Rajusingh Mallik alias Rajeev and Vikram Parmar – for allegedly conducting fraudulent ‘recruitments’ in the name of the CBI.

Martin Horan
Vikram Parmar


Kevin Angileri
Pierre Zarokian
Bethany D Flores

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