3 thoughts on “Keith Raniere — Albany, New York

  1. This guy was on t.v., he got an actresses’ daughter to drink his “koolaid” and was getting ready to have her branded into the cult. She was rescued and her mother helped raise awareness about this sick fuck. Mexican prisons are suitable for assholes like him, but it’s not illegal to brainwash someone and he probably didn’t do the branding himself, that’s a job for devotees.

  2. When he branded them with his initials it meant he trusted them. He trusted them to dress him up like a girl, make him over in their image and then abuse him anally with a baseball bat. It wasn’t so much a cult as it was a secret society of crossdressers who weren’t ready to come out of the closet yet. They still feared being outed and lived like the year was still 2018, when things weren’t as tolerable as they are today. Another secret they kept was the members names, People like Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein and Tom Cruise are well known and wanted to be able to relax and just be themselves whenever they were on campus.

  3. Keith started young, started showing signs of his propensity for bullshitting others and did well on the debate team which was mostly boys. One of his teachers spent extra time with him after class, going over the importance of forming letters with his mouth and Keith loved to form the O for his man tutor, who helped by putting a round peg in Keith’s perfectly formed O mouth. He made Keith close his eyes and imagine a soft O like the soft peg he used as a teaching aid. Keith loved that man for his extra effort and still thinks of the old wanker to this day, he misses his soft touch.

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