Jon Wolff — Georgia

Jon was fucking his sister and mommy suspected something was strange but looked the other way for years. She got married and broke his heart, he joined the military and takes his anger out on new recruits as a drill instructor. He married, smacked his wife around, cheated on her and is a deadbeat dad to a child with special needs. Sound like a winner so far? He has a gambling addiction, he lies, cheats and steals. he remarried, divorced, married again and she has to sell her sex for money and drugs to forget about the torment this asshole has put her through since the honeymoon was over. His family has disowned him since his sister is back in the picture, having abandoned her husband and kids to be with her brother. They’re both alcoholics and more fucked up than the Kardashians. They only come out in the daytime to try and borrow and beg money from old friends and family who haven’t blocked their numbers.

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