Dave Sneiderman

Fox Capital Group located at 140 Broadway, New York NY 10005, sometimes listed at 65 Broadway, Suite 804, New York NY 10006 is run by ace scumbag Jewish Zionist racists Dave Sneiderman, Joe Rapoport, and Greg Fox who is also allegedly President of Delta Capital Group, along with their fake British accent stooge Simon Davis, these scumbags routinely use “click-bait” emails falsely promising and fraudulently inducing small business owners with fake emails like “already approved,” and “approval ID number,” and actually list specific dollar amounts that you are “approved for,” only so that they can obtain your personal bank account information, logins, passwords, driver license information, checking account numbers, social security information, home addresses, tax information, etc.

These criminal racist Jewish guys are worse than any Nigerian fraud ring out there, in our opinion, and probably only lend money predominantly to their fellow Jews, synagogue buddies, or other business cronies who kiss their ass.

In additional to fraudulent inducement to contract, deceptive business practices, false advertising, and other torts, they also routinely breach signed written contracts with people so that they can also use them for their own nefarious purposes.

Avoid these scumbag Jewish mobsters like the plague, as they are already no doubt probably already under federal/state/local criminal and civil investigation for the reasons described above, and will probably be criminally indicted shortly.

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