Darren Ambler- Prostitute-Liar- Sex/Drug addict/ Herpes/ DNA- Confirmed Paternity-Awaiting Child support hearing- Cherry Hill- NJ:

A Warning to women out there, stay way from “DARREN AMBLER”. He is a Notoriou and well-known sex predator- sex addict- Drug abuser- Pornography addict and abuser of women. Darren uses women for Sexual pleasure only and he is Gross and quite Disgusting from head to toe (including FACE). He has beaten- harased- humiliated -stalked and raped women emotionlly and physically- Darren is plain no good scum with no morals- scruples- class and his breath is a real killer. He is just Hateful- Evil and Selfish. Darren will force Drugs upon you and force you into dirty and graphic SEX.

Darren Ambler is a Chronic Liar and has had sex with a multitide of women over the past few years. Darren screwed prostitutes- Mistresss- and just about anyone stupid enough to say SEX to this ugly geek. Darren Ambler has infected at least 13 women with Herpes and Chylimidia. Darren has no remorse and lives his life in Denial. He has brain damage from years of Drug abuse and Alcohol abuse. Darren Ambler would lie to GOD if he had to.

Darren Ambler has also impregnated at least 2 maybe more women. One women aborted the child for fear the baby may end up looking like Darren Ambler. Also- this women feared the baby could inherit Darren’s mental insanity and addictive disorders. SEX and DRUG addiction are serious disorders.

Darren Impregnated me and he is in Denial about the issue. Daniel Aaron Ambler is his Biological son and we plan to prove it in court. Darren will be forced to pay child support or they will go after him. I have a great Lawyer and we have “Full Proof ” evidence. Following my support hearing, the Judge may remove Darren Ambler’s two kids from his first marriage from his custody. Prostitutes- Liars- Drug abusers and Pornography addicts make bad parents. Prostitution is illegal and Judges do not like people who break the law either. Danny will have the “BEST” of everything. I will see to that. Darren can continue living in his Fantasy Land of Denial. That is his problem. If you screw then be prepared to pay baby!

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