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(Update)- Darren Ambler Alert-Prostitute- Drug & Sex Addict- Herpes Carrier- Liar- Porno Addict- DNA- Illegitimate Children: NJ:

ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS-DARREN AMBLER IS ON THE LOOSE. DARREN IS TOXIC- A DANGER TO MORAL SOCIETY/ HE SPREADS HIS INFECTIOUS VENOM- HIS HATRED- ABUSE OF WOMEN AND HIS MANY ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN: DARREN AMBLER OF CHERRY HILL- NJ IS A NO GOOD EVIL SEX AND DRUG ADDICT THAT OVER TIME IS GETTING WORSE. ************************************************************************ We must continue to Expose Cheaters- Liars- Sociopaths- Drug addicts- Sex addicts- Perverts- Dead-Beat Daddy’s On line. Exposure gives others out there the opportunity to read about […]

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