Candace Drost — Springfield, Massechusetts

Not even married and has two “stepsons,” a position she knowingly fucked her way into after doing most of her co-workers, many who cheated on their wives and girlfriends to fuck this dirty slut. She gets the prize, a limp dick that left his wife and who’s probably bored with this cheating little cum dumpster by now. She won’t be faithful to him for long. The first time he can’t get it up for this needy cunt, she will be tired of using one of her toys when the city of Springfield has so many hard dicks just jumping out of their pants to get in her holes. She will act like a starving cunt and have her needs met. By hook or hooking, she will catch her next fish, hook the worm in her mouth and reel in the balls. She loves to lick ass, especially when it’s sweaty right after sex. This sometimes gets her another load and sometimes leaves a shitty taste in her mouth. She’s a winner, guys.

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