Alva Jay — Las Vegas, Nevada

This crazy bitch is a premium cheating ass cunt named “Alva Jay” loves to post her fat self on Instagram for the first victim to call and date her then you’re fucked. She pretends to come from a holy background cult named Christian religion that only allows a woman in long skirts. Once a chunky girl now skinny fell for the vegas sin life and got her fake boobs and her GIANT PEPPERONI ARREOLAS reduced in size. She couldn’t keep me her man satisfied hell she can’t even satisfy a woman right either.

One thought on “Alva Jay — Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. Alva J likes working the pool for leads to her side hustle, sleeping with men who are in town to cheat on their wives and play a little poker. She scans the area like a hawk looking for someone drinking heavily who might want to pay her for sex. If she doesn’t get them in the first or second day, they’re usually broke and just tan the week away and drink a little til they go back to their wives, and Alva likes to send them back with a problem they will need to see a doctor about and get some medicine and explain to the wife about passing out and not remembering too much after that.

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