Alana Rice — Reno, Nevada

This cunts mom taught her really well how to be a leech, She sleeps with guys only for them to pay her bills and buy her drugs. She always blames everyone for everything but herself. All this bitch wants is your money for her heroin and other drugs. This whore will strip an old man for social security checks, Once she is done draining their checks they are dropped like a hot potato wow this bitch is truly a skank. she sells her body for, there’s usually some pathetic kid who actually loves her and tries to get her clean that she falls back on after everyone else has already busted a nut. Please watch out for this dirty nasty slut.

2 thoughts on “Alana Rice — Reno, Nevada

  1. She travels back and forth to the counties where prostitution is okay but never stays too long, she can’t pass the clean test, if you know what that is, just moves from county to county and uses condoms when she has them, not often

  2. Alana sells a lot of pussy, she’s always high. She does two for ones and has specials like bars have happy hours. Check the cheating calander and bring a friend for the nightly specials which last as long as she’s stoned. When it’s time to re-up, you gotta go.

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